Ceramic Mugs
11oz     $15.50         15oz     $17.50
Image is printed on both sides so it is visible to both left and
right handed drinkers. Available in 11 oz. and 15 oz

Mugs are dishwasher safe.
Wrought Iron
Trivet  $19.00

Holds a Custom printed 4"
Ceramic Tile.  Great for
hanging or for protecting your
counter from hot items.
For The Kitchen
Small w/4" Tile
Large w/6" Tile
Wrought Iron Basket

Small  5.5" x 12" with 4" tile                               $32.00
 6.25" x 11.75" with 6" tile                        $33.00
Great for fruit or just decorating a table.
Jar Opener    $5.00

5" diameter x 1/16" thick,
imprinted image top with black
rubber backing.
Loosens stuck lids, slippery tops,
warm light bulbs, and reluctant
Shutter Paws Imaging