Shutter Paws Imaging
4" Square                                 $11.00
6" Square                                 $14.00

With Leather easel Back
4" Square                                 $13.00
6" Square                                 $16.00
Prints on Canvas
11" x 14"        $105.00
16" x 20"        $125.00
18" x 24"        $155.00
****Additional Shipping Applies****
4" x 6"
Print on Canvas
Includes Easel)
Display Your Photos
Slate           $31.00
Rectangle, 5.85" x 7.8". 3/8”
Your photo expertly reproduced on
Real Slate
with natural edging.
Comes with black plastic "feet" for a truly unique display.
Tile Easel Back
We offer several unique ways for you to showcase your portraits.
Ceramic Tiles
Glossy finish ceramic tiles are dyed with a special process that makes
your image vibrant and permanent.  Available in 4” and 6” squares.  
These tiles have many uses.  Use them as coasters, or add an easel
back to display it on a shelf or table.
We also offer a variety of gift items featuring ceramic tiles.