Christmas Products
Ornaments: $9.00

We offer 2 styles of Christmas Ornaments
Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) and
Aluminium - in 4 shapes.  
These ornaments hold up over the years without breaking
or fading.  Great for decorating your tree or even that
special gift package.  Printed on both sides, you can
choose to have the same image on both sides or customize
with your pet's name and the year.
3" Round FRP
Christmas Stockings $12.00
Don't forget your special pet when leaving the
stockings out for Santa to fill.
Leave no doubt with your pet's picture and name
on this cute stocking. Ready to fill with all the
cookies and treats your pet craves.

Overall measurements are 14 1/2" tall, 6 1/2"
wide at the top and 10 1/2" wide at the bottom,
with a 2 1/2" red cuff.  100% Polyester.
Made in the USA
Aluminum Christmas Ornaments
Printed on Both Sides
approx. 2"x 3" depending on shape
Round, Oval, Rectangle or Hexagon
Shutter Paws Imaging